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FOTD: Feeling Inspired

Over the years, as beauty blogs and YouTube gained popularity, I’ve discovered some amazing makeup artists. One of the online makeup stars I admire most is Linda Hallberg. I haven’t done a single makeup-related search on Pinterest where I wouldn’t get one of her pictures as a result; she’s done hundreds (thousands?) of looks and every single one is brilliant.

There is only one way to improve one’s own makeup skills, and that is practice. Loads of practice. I haven’t really played with makeup much since I was a teen and I notice that my growth in skills has been less than it could have been in a timespan of years.

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Create It Your Way Tag

I love seeing blogger & YouTuber created products in stores. It makes me so happy to see that the community is thriving and all these awesome opportunities are available now! I think it’s only logical that bloggers get to create products, too; they’re very knowledgeable in their field and know just how to present that knowledge and use it to make something awesome, which differentiates blogger products from other celebrity-made products. #teaminternet all the way!

There’s been a tag going around Dutch blogs lately, where you get to think about what products you’d like to create if you ever got the opportunity. I found it very enjoyable to read the answers of different bloggers and I couldn’t help but think of what I’d like to do if I got the chance to create something, so today I decided to fill in the “Create it Your Way Tag”. Here we go!

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