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Happy Monday everybody! Here we are again. It’s incredible how fast time goes, can you believe we’re already half-way through May? I had a bit of a slower week this past week and it really did me good. It’s still a super busy period but I’m just glad I’m getting everything done without getting stressed. Work/life balance back on track! 🙂 Let’s take a look at what I was up to last week.

On Monday evening I headed home after dance class…

And as soon as I set out from the central station, my bicycle chain fell off and I had to walk all the way home. It took a while but taking such a late night walk was actually quite peaceful, haha! Especially with that beautiful full moon.

On Tuesday morning, after I took my bike to the repair guy to have a link removed from my chain, I walked to the grocery store. I came home with spinach, grilled pepper, satay sauce, pears, soy milk, chopped veggies, black beans, chickpeas, apple sauce, paprika crisps, cassave krupuk, crispy onion, bread, avocado, vanilla extract, lemons and carrots. Many yummy food options this week!

The store I went to didn’t have everything I was looking for, so after picking up my bike from the repair guy I hopped on it and went to another store to get some fresh fruit and tempeh.

My neigbour moved out a few days back so I decided to jump on the opportunity and decorate the shared bathroom a bit before someone else moves in, haha! Fake plants and a candle it is. Simple but packs a punch. I love having the bathroom to myself, really hope I’ll be able to move soon. Bad news on the apartment by the way, we called the judge and it’s basically a set no, unless we start another complicated procedure that may not succeed either. We’ve started looking at different houses in different cities now, so keep your fingers crossed for us guys!

Marinated satay tempeh with veggies and cassave krupuk for dinner, yum!

After a long day of filming and editing I decided to take advantage of having the bathroom to myself, and sit in the bathtub for however long I wanted. I took my e-reader with me and soaked for about an hour.

I am so in love with my hair colour. It’s still steadily fading every time I wash my hair and I actually don’t even want it to, haha! I really like it and might just re-dye it green again. I probably won’t, but I might 🙂

I had a friend coming over from Ireland on Wednesday so I wanted to bake something to serve as a dessert in the evening. Carrot cake it is! I shared the recipe for this one on here last week.

In the afternoon Robbert and I went to the park to shoot some scenes for a video that’s coming soon. Spotted a wild rainbow!

My friends came over and I made this Mexican bowl for dinner. Oh my, this was delicious. I’m going to re-make it soon and share the recipe with you because you guys have to try this. The rice contains blended spinach, onion and garlic and I never expected it to be this delicious.

Next day I spent all day editing the video I shot the day before, and then Robbert helped me design a flyer for Tea Garden to hand out during the Dutch Tea Festival.

In the evening I made us a quick salad of bulgur, spinach, grilled pepper, sundried tomato, chickpeas, pickled jalapeños, onion and pomegranate. I flavoured it with a bit of olive oil and ras el hanout, and it was de-li-cious. I had a good food week, haha!

In the evening we headed over to Amsterdam to support a friend who was performing with his band. I had to wait for Robbert at the station for a bit so I decided to get myself a popsicle. This is pretty much every Dutch child’s favourite, and I was super happy to find out recently that these are vegan. Yay!

We had a great evening at the venue. By the time we went home it was so late I decided to stay over at Robbert’s, rather than go back to Utrecht alone. I went home next morning instead.

Good hair day, yaaas! Why do curls always look better a few days in? I have no idea how to get this effect by curling the hair directly… Sigh.

Saturday was cleaning and organising day at the scouting. A big clean-out was much needed so we all got together and tackled some incredibly cluttered areas. It was dusty but worth it.

We had a delicious homemade dinner afterwards of tofu gyros with vegan tzatziki, pita bread, salad and potato wedges.

After dinner I left scouting, changed, and headed over to my friend’s house to watch the Eurovision finals. We made elderflower, mint & lime gin and tonics and enjoy the bizarreness that is Eurovision. And man, was it bizarre agian this year, haha!

It always takes ages for the results to come in for Eurovision and I had a great time with my friend, so I made it home quite late. On Sunday I took it easy and just headed out for a walk with my family, did some reading, watched some videos… A nice and relaxed Sunday.

And that was my week! I hope you’ve had a good one as well. See you soon!

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  1. Bulgaria should have won haha..
    Your food always look so visually pleasing yum.. I want to see how you made all of them and love your vlogs and blog so much❤

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