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The House Hunt Continues | Loepsie’s Life

Greetings to you on this lovely Monday afternoon! The sun is shining in the Netherlands today and we’ve gotten a lovely forecast for the rest of the week as well. Sunny weather always has such a huge positive effect on my mood, I’m really excited for the week to come. Not just because of the sunshine, but because I have some really exciting things on my calendar as well. But first, as every Monday, I’m going to take you with me and show you what I was up to last week.

Grocery haul on Tuesday morning! I got cacao, spinach, salt & vinegar crisps, salt & pepper crisps, bread, sandwich spread, avocado, herbal tea, black beans, vegetable stock cubes, sun dried tomato hummus, sweet potato, kiwis and rice.

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May Weekend Loves #1

Happy Saturday! It’s been a while since I updated you with my weekend loves, huh? I’ve been so busy the past few weeks I haven’t had much time to purposelessly browse the internet so there weren’t many new discoveries to share, really. You know, in the spirit of not forcing it and everything… But today I’m back with some new interesting links and favourites for you! Let’s take a look.

This Video

Ohhh yes, linguistics at its best! As you may know I studied Celtic Languages and Culture, but I was always more into the “culture” part of that and will honestly say I developed a kind of aversion against linguistics over the years, and avoided linguistical courses at all costs. Now this however, this brings me a lot of joy. The guy, who is a linguist and dialect coach, talks about a few well-known constructed languages from popular works of fiction. He talks about their characteristics, some unique sounds they contain, what natural languages they’re similar to… And it’s all presented in a very fun and interesting way. He discusses Sindarin, Klingon, Parseltongue, Dothraki and High Valyrian, amongst others. Really worth a watch if you’ve got a few minutes to spare!

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Mexican Bowl with Green Rice, Sweet Potato & Smoked Beans

Mexican bowl with green rice, spicy sweet potato cubes & smoked black beans

I’ve started following a few Dutch vegan food blogs lately. I don’t know why I haven’t ventured into this world earlier because reading a food blog that actually uses ingredients you can buy is a heaven-sent. There are so many vegan products in the USA that are really hard or downright impossible to buy over here, and it’s so frustrating to run into them in a recipe you were really excited to recreate. So, local food blogs it is. Needless to say I’ve stumbled upon a wealth of amazing recipes and I’ve started slowly going through the ones I like. There’s one blogger in particular who has a very similar taste and cooking style to mine: livingthegreenlife.nl. When I had to cook for a couple of friends a few days back, that’s where I headed to look for a recipe. I found this one and decided to recreate her “delicious spicy sweet potato salad”. And oh, was it delicious. I modified the recipe just ever so slightly and would like to share it with you today as my Mexican bowl with green rice, sweet potato & smoked beans.

Mexican bowl with green rice, spicy sweet potato cubes & smoked black beans

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18th Century Fashion | Hulu Harlots

In today’s video we’re going to talk about 18th century fashion! Oh how I wish we would still dress this way… 🙂 We’re going to discuss upper and working class Georgian fashion by looking at some beautiful examples from Hulu’s original show Harlots. The whole season is now streaming of Hulu, so be sure to check it out if you can’t get enough of these looks!