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Pommes Duchesse & Herb Crusted Salmon

Robbert and I have a little tradition of celebrating Christmas Eve Eve with just the two of us before we go our separate ways to celebrate with family. We get together, exchange gifts, and cook a festive dinner. Two years ago I made this dish for Christmas Eve Eve: herb crusted salmon and pommes duchesse! It’s delicious and I wanted to share the recipe with any of you that may still be looking for a festive dish to cook. Or just a nice dinner!

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Homemade Pepernoten

It’s almost December 5th! On that day, the Dutch celebrate st. Nicholas’ eve, or as we call it: Sinterklaas avond! The children receive presents from Sinterklaas, and the one treat that absolutely has to be present is pepernoten! Zwarte Piet throws these pepernoten mixed with candy on the floor and children collect and eat them (each country has its weird traditions, right?) although nowadays they’re ususally handed out in a more hygenic manner.

Today I’m going to share the recipe for traditional Dutch pepernoten!
(Technically these are called kruidnoten, but they’re often referred to as pepernoten).


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